Sharing a ride is now easier than ever

Tired of paying all fuel costs on Your own? Sometimes feeling frustrated when sitting in a traffic jam and each car has only single passenger? Share Your rides with Ridefy, it's really simple ! Download Ridefy now and start offering rides or search rides from near by

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Scheduled Ride

You can offer ride for a specific date or repeating rides. Repeating ride can be as an example something which is occurring as an example same time every Monday until pre-defined date. Ride is always offered between two points, but when someone is searching a ride, the search covers also rides where the searched ride is part of the ride. After matching ride is found, user may request that from the one who offers it. If the one who offers it, accepts it - the mobile numbers are shown for each party so that parties can agree details over the phone.

Instant Ride

Instant ride is a ride You can offer for people near-by. When You switch the instant ride offering on - the mobile application updates Your location on real-time to the Ridefy backend. So when someone near-by is searching a ride, Your offering will displayed in search results. Forget the "pirate taxis" and use Ridefy where users are registered and rated !

Cost of Ride

In many countries it's not ok to take fee when transporting someone from point a to point b by car. Anyhow, in many countries it's ok to share the costs of the ride between the parties. Ridefy offer channel to connect the one who needs ride and who offers a ride. Ridefy does not take part of any possible financial transactions between the parties.

Ridefy for Taxis

Ridefy works also with local taxis. By registering Yourself as a professional rider, an pro icon will be placed on Your profile and that indicated that You are authorized to take a fee from Your ride. The Pro operating model is available only on limited countries. Please contact Ridefy to verify if it's available on Your region.

Quality of Service

After each ride, both parties can rate the other party and give free-text feedback of the ride. Based on the given ratings, stars will be displayed in each profile to let other people to know how the user has been rated in past. The starts are displayed in three categories where the green is for regular users, silver for users who has linked the Facebook (and the profile looks real) profile or verified own mobile number and gold is for people who has verified their mobile number and have Facebook profile linked.

Social Riding

You can connect Ridefy in to Your Facebook profile. By linking the profile, other users can see Your Facebook profile image. People tend to have more trust to person who's image is visible and that gives You more rides ! You can also publish Your ride requests and offers in Facebook after linking the profile. That allows also Your Facebook friends to see what routes You have on Your mind and it may help You to get company !

Service Description

We tried to describe briefly of what's Ridefy. Just in case You want to know more about it, please read the full service description.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected a list of frequently asked questions by our users. The list is not long, so it's worth to check it out ! Most probably that will help You to understand better who to use Ridefy.

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