Are You interested to offer shared rides for Your users ?

Ridefy offers an Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) to allow third-party applications to manage users, groups and rides in Ridefy back-end-server. Also WordPress plugin is available for site-owners who want’s to display available rides in their own web-site easily. The WordPress plugin can be easily styled to fit in to the look and feel of the hosting website.


REST-API offers easy to use API to manage users, groups and rides in Ridefy back-end.

Creating users

User can be created easily either by using API operation to create user or by using combined operation to create user (if not already exists) and a ride. The later operation is designed to be used together with “Share in Ridefy” button.

New users will receive automatically an email with the instructions of how to take the service in use. After loading the application in to their mobile phones and first successful login, all created rides (if any) will be activated immediately.

WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugin can be easily installed by using Wordrpress tools. Taking it in to use is also easy, You just need to get an API key from us and configure that for the plugin from the WordPress WEB-management interface and You are good to go. If You have international web-site, You can limit the ride listing based on the currently used language code. The plugin will display either all rides from Ridefy back-end or only rides created with same API-key or rides from groups created with same API-key.