Ridefy allows You to share rides in groups. In Ridefy, there is two kind of groups – closed and open.

Closed Group

You can create closed groups in the Ridefy mobile application. After creating a group, You can invite others in to it by inviting them by their email address. If the user is already a Ridefy user, then he will receive the invite as push notification. If he’s not yet a Ridefy user, an email will be sent,

Closed groups works well example with some Sporting club. Parents can offer rides to training or competition events and on same save time of others and save money in fuel. That was just and example, it’s up to You to decide for who You create Your groups !


Creating closed groups in Ridefy is absolutely free of charge.

Open Group

Open public groups are groups that has been created on server for some special purpose. As an example some big event may have own dedicated group, so that people who are coming to the event – can share rides easily with others who are coming to same event. These groups can be searched by using their ten digit public keys.

When creating ride offer and being a member of the group, You can assign the ride only for this group. Then the offer is visible only for other members of this group.

If You are interested of opening a open public group, please contact to



Ridefy has also powerfull REST/JSON API’s to allow group management to be integrated in to external entities. If You are interested ot API usage, please contact to