Service Description

Ridefyn description

Tired of paying Your traveling costs alone ? Never thinking why the main ways to downtown are always queued of cars ? Tired of waiting taxi at Your local airport?Share Your rides with Ridefy – it’s easy  !

Download Ridefy into Your mobile and notify others of rides available in Your car or search for a ride available either immediately or on specific time.

Instant Ride

If You are hanging around with Your friends at the city district, You may have faced some people of offering unofficial taxi services. Sometimes it can be dangerous to jump in to one of those who You don’t know. By using Ridefy, You can find people who are already registrar to Ridefy, so You may think that they are not totally strangers.

And if You are out by car, You can easily offer ride to others by activating the “Instant Ride” offering on Your Ridefy app. You can offer ride to certain address or to “Anywhere”

What’s the cost of an Ride?

In some countries it’s legal to share cost of an Ride without professional taxi permission. So in those countries You can agree with the driver the amount to be paid. If the one who offers ride is a official Taxi, he can of course then charge based on his fees. The professional drivers are marked as “pro” in ridefy. Ridefy is not involved in any financial transactions.

Ridefy for Taxis

Ridefy can be used also by official Taxis. Sometimes You need to drive to rural area or to another city with customer and then back “for free”. Try Ridefy and try to catch someone for Your return trip !

Contact if You want to register as a “pro” driver.

Quality of Service

After each ride, both parties can rate the another party and give free word text feedback. Based on the given stars, Ridefy will calculate weighted rating for the user. From stars You can see who the other party has succeed from the rides before. Stars are given in three categories, green, silver and gold.

You can also link Your Facebook profile to Ridefy to provide trust to other users.